The following PDF contains Taylor Brady's and Rob Halpern's "Sensitive Correspondence," a pamphlet distributed during their November 2007 reading at New Yipes series in Oakland for their book Snow Sensitive Skin, first published by Michael Cross' Atticus / Finch press in the fall of 2007, and recently republished by Displaced Press. (You can read Cross' introduction to the reissue here.)

"Sensitive Correspondence" offers insight into the process of the two collaborators as they reflect, via email, upon the particulars of their collaboration, with special attention to the role of time and duration in their writing, engagement with source materials, and to what Rob calls "patiency," a condition in which one becomes susceptive to the thought and affect of others, a mutual subject of prosody emerging through the work.

The correspondence culminates with Brady's "Trumpet Notes," a short essay considering the place of non-European musical composition with regards to US military history since the Civil War.